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Simba Food Products is a 100% Tanzanian-owned and operated partnership business that was established in 2019 as a specialist food products supply. From humble beginnings, we have grown to become the largest Tanzanian importer of food products such as Simba Nazi, and Simba Tomato Paste. Supporting this is a supply chain that distributes significant volumes of shelf-stable, ambient and frozen products nationwide. Innovation is a driving force of Simba Food Products and we are proud of the successful products that we have developed and continue to produce for a broad range of partners – from large multinational supermarket brands and international franchise, groups to weight loss companies, health food chains, and major QSR restaurants.

Through segregated production spaces, we will also be able to produce other food products. With a healthy appetite for growth, we continue to invest in new capabilities and capacity to bring innovative new products to market for our partners.

Our Products

  • Simba Nazi
  • Simba Tomato Paste

OUR Vision and Mission



Simba Food products will be Tanzanian’s “go-to” provider of specialty and value-added food products. Whilst doing so, we will consistently strive to make all our stakeholders smile.



Our mission is simple: As the trusted company in food products and wellness, Simba Food Products is dedicated to the sustainable health of people, the planet and our Company

Our management team

Farid Nahdi


David Ndelwa

CEO founder

Sophia lema

Operations Manager

Lovenes Mwenda

Mama ntilie

Simba Nazi imeniongezea wateja wengi kwenye biashara yangu ya Chakula maana wateja wangu wamekua wakisifia sana mchuzi ninaopika kwa kutumia Simba Nazi.

Sara Wilsson


, I like this brand because it has a high percentage of actual coconut in it. I always look at labels and the ingredients in this product are all good. Tastes nice in curries as well which is probably the most important thing!

Jena Karlis

Store Owner

Simba Tomato is my favorite Tomato Paste. As a chef I love the idea that it comes in a sachet. It’s the best packaging that keeps the tomato fresh, I absolutely love the fresh taste of this paste, since I use it for many different kinds of food.

Seif Alzakwani


The coconut milk 🥛 is set to the cake mixture with right measurements of the flour not to ruin the cake mixture & to give it more value you can make coconut & sweet banana 🍌 cake sauce for finishing the taste 👅 is extra ordinary watch my next post it’s gonna be lit. 🔥😋😋

John Larson


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